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So… you’ve started your business!!  You have a small following, your social media sites were created and you even have your website up!  The problem is, getting new customers, new…

Breaking into Animation by Charles Quinniey

This image is from the SCAD Atlanta website

A Student’s Perspective I have decided to write about landing a job in the animation industry because most of the books and articles that I’ve read on the subject are…

Wasting Money in the Recording $tudio

Advice of a Vocalist By: MalikStone During my years of writing and recording, I came to realize one critical thing – that I was wasting a lot time and of…

The Lion King Flight

You sit awaiting boarding time, nervous, anxious, annoyed; hoping you aren’t sitting next to someone who chatters.  Perhaps you’re looking at the couple with the crying child who won’t sit…

Don’t Get Lost in the Sauce


Make sure your audience remembers you. Have you ever come across someone who will pitch you on their business but doesn’t have a business card or an example of their…

StreetPoetz to showcase local artists

By EILEEN BUCKLEY Listen 1:14 A brand new Website — to showcase local artists — will be launched at a special event this Saturday.  StreetPoetz will be held this  right here…

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