About Us


StreetPoetz originally made it’s low profile debut in 2011 as a space for both amateur and professional artists to express themselves, practice their skills, challenge and battle one another, collaborate and be noticed! Now back with a new face and an even bigger purpose, our mission remains and we work to bring you resources, opportunities for networking and collaboration and of course, to entertain. Whether you hail from the corporate world of business suits and board meetings or walk with the attention of the streets, StreetPoetz welcomes you!

The world has had the honor to bear witness to some amazing poets, vocalists, writers, visual artists, dancers, photographers, and musicians. Artists possess an ever-evolving array of talents. Some may walk around with a sketch pad or brush in hand often capturing life in its true likeness while others prefer to interpret the world as they see it in their eyes. Some may create the tune you can’t get out of your head, while others may touch you with lyrics that will become your personal anthem. While no two styles are the same, the beauty and common denominator is the talent they all possess within – giving you a taste of how THEY interpret poetry.

Our Services provides an array of outlets for the new and advanced artists. Coupled with our experience and understanding for both marketing and branding, we’ve created solutions that both define an Artist’s image and online presence, as well as educates them for future success.

It doesn’t stop there!  While you can certainly retain the team to help you realize your dreams, a large majority of benefits available to you are and will always be FREE.

To learn more about our many benefits and services, please visit our services page HERE.

Our Team

We are proud to be a team of multi-talented individuals whose interests and abilities range in a way that strengthens all those involved. The family is made up of dedicated team of full time associates, freelancers, artists, volunteers and interns. Click HERE to learn more about us.

Green Philosophy

We are a world and community conscious company with a purpose that extends past the talents of the individual.  Being a supporter of a greener life is a necessity that we take seriously.  Click HERE To learn more about our goals and philosophy.


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