Adriana Medina

Aspiring Vocalist & Performer

Photo Credit:  Adriana Medina
Photo Credit: Adriana Medina


Aspiring performer and recording artist, Adriana Medina, was born January 14th, 1995 and raised in New York City.

Being of Albanian, and Puerto Rican parents, and a musical family, Adriana grew up around two very different cultures, which allowed her to be exposed to various types of music.  Her father, who is a Salsa musician, plays the congas and timbales.  Adriana learned not only how to play some instruments, but also Salsa dance.  Her mother is a singer, and continues to sing, while her grandfather is an Albanian musician.  Both sides of her family love to dance, and also love music.

Another one of Adriana’s talents is dancing.  As a child, she was inspired by the dancers she saw in the streets in New York City.  At the age of 5, she taught herself to dance from watching music videos from icons such as Missy Elliot, Chris Brown, and Ciara.  These celebrities were also a huge influence for her aspiration as a performer.  It was also at this age that she was in a short film called, “Fortune’s Fool” by Jadina Lilien.  Ever since then, acting has been yet another passion of the vivacious Adrina.

Adriana started taking her singing seriously around the age of 13, after seeing people on American Idol making their dreams come true.  When she was 15, she auditioned for American Idol, and though she was not chosen this only fueled her passion and desire to be a better vocalist.  At school, Adriana was part of the chorus and dance team.

Many of her hobbies include basketball, longboarding, snowboarding, drawing, photography, and videography.

Adriana is a caring, funny, intelligent, and strong young lady.  She wants to be able to perform music for the world and be a good role  model for the younger generation.  She believes she can bring more than just a face and a voice to the world.