Aileen González-Martí

Artist & Web Developer

AILEEN-GONZALEZ-MARTI-PHOTOAileen González-Martí, a native of San Juan, Puerto Rico, graduated with top honors from Centro Moda Lisa Thon Center of Fashion and Art.  This prestigious school is located in the business district of Muñoz Rivera Avenue in San Juan.

In 2002, Aileen was a designer for Miss Universe Puerto Rico, Carla Tricoli ”La Caña de Azucar” (The Sugar Cane).  This was chosen as a Traditional National Costume.  The outfit was a notable “hit” according to the International press coverage that was in Panama for the pageant.

Marti, who is very talented in her own right, has worked with top Designers, Illustrators, and Artists such as, Antonio Brocoli Porto.  Aileen has collaborated with Porto in the exhibition called “Bomba Celebration of Sight and Sound” at the Montclair University in New Jersey.

Marti is an active Member of the ”Hispanic Heritage Council” in Buffalo N.Y., and has donated her original watercolor painting ”Under The Same Sun”, to this institution in order to continue the preservation of the Latin heritage in N.Y.

Currently, she is working in mixed Media Art, and Digital Art with a new collection titled, “Enchantment”.  Marti also uses pencil, charcoal, watercolor, and acrylic paint in her artwork.
Most of her creations evoke the female body where she feels sensuality and eroticism are felt right through the subtle softness of small waists, hips, and breasts.

Her illustrations and paintings chronicle the experiences of all – joys, tears, triumphs, defeats, and fantasies; feelings that are wrapped in, and with the colors… of her “sensual” brush.

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Original artwork by Aileen (Click images for larger view)

Desilucion-Water-Color-Media. Photo Credit: Aileen Gonzalez-Marti
Mi-Bandera-Watercolor-Mix-Media. Photo Credit: Aileen Gonzalez-Marti
Caribbean-Blue-Digital-Media. Photo Credit: Aileen Gonzalez-Marti

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