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Spoken Rap Artist

Apneah was born in Buffalo, NY and received a high school diploma in visual communication from the Buffalo Academy for Visual and Performing Arts, as well as a 4 year dual minor degree in social work and visual communication from Buffalo State College.

He initially got his start rhyming as a freestyle rapper to impress his older cousin, but quickly discovered that writing was his passion.  He credits his stage presence to Lorna C. Hill, the founder of “UJIMA Theater” because by the age of 15, he was a member of a community outreach program for at risk youth called “Teen Reality Theater” where Lorna served as acting coach for their skits and role plays.

Upon graduation from high school, Apneah was no stranger to performing for crowds of people, and today continues to draw upon his background in community education and the performing arts to inspire the city.

Special thanks go out to:  Jesus, his family, mentors, and peers:  Lorna C. Hill, Chris Spicer, Hank Williams, Daniel Macaluso, L-BIZ, Prime, Janna Lohr, Ricky Ortiz, Verve Dance Studio, 464 Studio, Buffalo Church of Christ, Dario Mohr, Antidote, Scantron, Bird Cage Records, Mic Mechanix, Aminata, Jahnetta Warren-Askew and the entire ”eXe“ family, DeChantell Lloyd, Code Blu Juice Bar,, Carmel Carson and everyone he can’t think of at this moment for their sincere love and support!

Thank You Again!

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