Benjamin Brindise

Benjamin  has been writing since he first learned how to use a pen.  Though primarily an author of fiction, Benjamin works across a number of mediums, including Spoken Word and regularly competes in Slam Poetry competitions.  He won the Pure Ink Poetry Slam competition in July of 2013 with his closing poem netting a score of 28.5/30 from the judges and can be seen here:

As an author of fiction, Benjamin has previously been published in: Tangent Literary Magazine, Down in the Dirt Magazine, The Enriched with Dirt Anthology“, and online at AnotheRealm.  He has three short stories set for electronic publication through Amazon Kindle, expected to be released by late summer 2013, and is currently finishing his first novel, “A Bad Spot”.

Photo Credit: Jason Williams, Upstate Multimedia

For more information and updates on publications, performances and all things writing, follow Benjamin on Facebook at: & on Twitter at:

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