Brian Dantzler

Brian Dantzler


The son of Buffalo jazz legend Elvin “Shep” Shepherd, Brian Dantzler’s musical legacy was in his roots.  Though he didn’t know his father, he had a love and gift for music at an early age.

Growing up in Rochester, NY, Brian’s love for music was developed at the tender age of 8.  A child prodigy, Brian taught himself how to play piano.  Later he would go on to learn bass, guitar, violin, saxophone, and several other instruments.  A musical genius in his own wright, this singer, songwriter and producer has performed in several shows and venues throughout the nation.  In addition, he has performed with and produced several groups and artists as well as moved hearts and minds with his intricate vocals and unique musical appeal. A graduate of The University of Buffalo in Media Studies and Documentary Film, Brian has contributed his talents in a variety of media-related fields.  Utilizing his experience, he currently heads his own production company and has worked with several media companies including Channel 4 News.

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