Candice Glover Delivers a Tearful Tribute to Breast Cancer Survivors

Candice GloverAs the month of October comes to a close, many of you are likely closing out the month getting ready for Halloween festivities.  For many however, the end of October marks the end of Breast Cancer Awareness month and the memories associated with the battle that many lost, and that so many more continue to fight.

This year, Mercedes Wilson, founder of For Our Daughters, Inc., – an organization that educates young women on the importance of knowing & understanding their family history, reached out to American Idol, Candice Glover in hopes of having her perform a tribute to this year’s survivors – and she said “Yes”!

While meeting an Idol winner with such a beautiful voice is already the highlight for so many, no one was prepared as she brought many of the guests and survivors who gathered in front of the stage to tears, beginning the evening with “Hero” by Mariah Carey.   Candice promised us that she was going to get people dancing and she did just that performing not only her own song “I am Beautiful“, but also “Girl on Fire” by Alicia Keys, “I Wanna Dance with Somebody” by Whitney Houston, and finished the evening with an extended version of Pharrell Williams’ “Happy” inviting guests to join her on the microphone.  Also performing with her during the evening were, Donta Myles, Craig Hough, Doug Williams, Steve McCaster, and Dave Cruz of DBelly Exclusive and backup singers, Faith Renea, Bethony Reidel and Natasha Hill.

DBelly Exclusive
DBelly Exclusive – Photo Credit Kelsie Kupiec


Backup Singers
Natasha Hill, Bethony Reidel, and Faith Renea – Photo Credit Kelsie Kupiec


Candice not only visited the Queen City to perform, but she also spent a few days enjoying the many things that Buffalo has to offer.  I had the pleasure to catch up with her the morning of the gala at a brunch put together in her honor hosted by Sue-Jolie Rioux and Tim Boylan of Tres Jolie Maison, Inc. at the Coit House.

Photo Credit Kelsie Kupiec

What do you think was one of your main deciding factors in participating in this event? 

I think simply because I always do things for breast cancer awareness month and this particular year, Mercedes asked me to be a part of it.  Mercedes actually came to one of the events that me and my mom put on not too long ago.  She came all the way from Buffalo and I got a chance to meet her and I just fell in love with her spirit and it made me even more excited to be here.
I also had a friend who was diagnosed with breast cancer when we were about 19 or 20 years old, so image being in college and her coming in the college dorms and telling us that.  We were all so scared, we went to the doctor with her, we prayed with her, and it just made me want to support that cause even more.  Now that I have the platform that I have, I can go around and give back to the community by showing myself and just thanking the fans and thanking the survivors for being so persistent and just persevering through it all. People always talk about me being persistent and going on American Idol over and over again, but I don’t think anything compares to a person who goes through breast cancer and comes out of it. I don’t think anything compares to that, so I definitely want to commend them and I want to thank them for coming to see me perform!
Candice Glover - Survivor Tribute
Photo Credit Kelsie Kupiec
I know you mentioned that you are really looking forward to meeting the survivors.  What are some other things you looking forward to at the gala?
I think I’m just looking forward to the victory of it all and the songs that I’ve chosen are songs that we can dance the night away to and they can all just be happy in their victory and we can all celebrate together.  It’s definitely a celebratory set that I’ve put together and I’m just excited to see the smiles on their faces.
You have your own sound and I love that, do you look up to anyone or try to emulate yourself after anyone?
As far as tone, I’ve always been compared to Christina Aguilera and Anita Baker, and so I agree, on the tone, but I don’t try to model my sound after anyone but those are the two that people have usually compared me to and those are people who I look up to as well, but I’m still working on finding myself as a person and finding myself as an Artist.
The energy that Candice brought to this year’s gala was both unmatched and unforgettable, and her kind-hearted nature was felt by all who crossed her path.  Many guests described her as “down to earth” as she made herself available that evening, taking the time to speak with and meet with everyone individually throughout the gala and during the final meet and greet.  She truly went out of her way to make each and every guest feel special in her presence and as she continues to rise to stardom, she left us with the feeling that she is still one of us.
Photo Credit Kelsie Kupiec
Photo Credit Kelsie Kupiec

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