Cari Feltz-Abdo/Eye of Beholder Creations

Cari Feltz-Abdo/Eye of Beholder Creations

Mixed Media Artist

‘Artistic Alchemy’

“What is ‘Artistic Alchemy’?”

By Cari Feltz-Abdo


“As a mixed media artist whose passion has been for texture, color and reclaimed materials; my processes have always been somewhat purposely ‘accidental’. On whatever surface, I focus on a ‘background’ of sorts and then stare at it like one would stare at the clouds. I then bring out what I have seen. To get to this point in much of my work I depend on how assorted mediums react when combined. This often produces unknown results in texture and color. Hence how I came to the term, ‘Artistic Alchemy’. Taking one substance and transforming it into another. Each piece evolves from start to finish with not only the assistance of the process, but also the emotion, energy and moment in time of creation.”

Artist, Cari Feltz-Abdo (Eye of Beholder Creations), has a love of textural contrasts, artistic ‘alchemy’ and passion for reclaimed materials. This has inspired a form of cathartic, emotional, and expressionistic mixed media work. “Practicing unprotected creativity producing happy accidents.” Her artwork has been on display in many Buffalo area venues. Her online portfolio can be seen on Facebook at:

Some original work by Feltz-Abdo (Click images for larger view)




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