Christina Elise

Singer, Songwriter, Producer & Psalmist

Christina Elise
Photo Credit: Christina Elise


Christina Elise is a woman of vision and faith.  This singer, songwriter, producer, and psalmist, is one of many dimensions.

She is the granddaughter of legendary saxophonist, Elvin Shepherd, and the daughter of talented pianist and music minister, Walter Hamilton; thus the love of music was in her blood.  Christina began singing, writing poems, and songs as a child.  She realized early that her faith in God, music, and the arts was her destiny and passion.  She attended a Performing Arts high school as a vocal music major.  Here, Christina utilized her talents and education to bring her music and artistry to life.

In addition to her extensive background in music and entertainment, Christina has worked in several media outlets.  These include hosting, producing, and writing for major news networks and shows, including work at Channel 4 and Channel 7 news.  With a Bachelors of Fine Arts in Broadcasting from the University of Texas at Arlington, Christina has taken her craft in and out of Buffalo.

She has also appeared in several fashion shows, promos, commercials, publications, and productions including Fox’s Prison Break, as well as musicals, such as the Little Shop of Horrors.  She has also used her love of the arts to encourage other young people’s gifts by creating a media organization for college students.

Christina has recently launched a brand new documentary series on YouTube, titled: “Christ-in-a’s WORLD,” which highlights her faith, music and life. (

Christina’s hope is to help inspire people by creating music that is going to glorify the Lord and bring to light different issues in the world; and to define what music really represents.

The singer anticipates the release of her new album in the next year.


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