A Closer Look at the Artwork of James J. Cooper III

If you have spent some years in Buffalo, NY, then you are first-hand witness to the changing skyline, as well as business and artistic growth. Even more exciting is that more and more businesses and organizations are utilizing the artistic genius of local artists to do more than just add to the decor.  Artists are becoming part of the brand development process, creating fresh and innovative looks for businesses.  An example of this that comes to mind is one that can be found in the growing Buffalo Niagara Medical Campus close to downtown Buffalo.

"Beautiful Health Fphacze" Photo credit: Chuck LaChiusa
“Beautiful Health Fphacze” Photo credit: Chuck LaChiusa

This magnificent 50′ x 20′ mural was painted by local artist James J. Cooper III.  James has only had two solo showings of his work since 1998 with the second just recently on Saturday, October 15th. His studio, located inside Main Street Gallery featured two floors of his own creations which included mostly large scale paintings along with sprinkles of digital works.  His work demands that you stand and explore a bit longer as you can find “real life” figures mixed in between the purposeful swirls – all creating a life size illusion that is worth a few extra glances.  We guarantee you will see something new with every look. When asked to describe his style he said, “My style is a contrast of warm and cool colors, layering and often figurative”.  James’ painting career began in 1990, and while all of his pieces were not featured, he also enjoys figurative photography and using 3D modeling software to create unique works for clients.  We’re excited to see what he has in store in the future and we urge you to make sure you pass along the invite because his artwork is an “experience” certainly worth having in person!



James J. Cooper III
James J. Cooper III


Artwork by James J. Cooper I
Artwork by James J. Cooper III

Want to contract James for your upcoming project, or see something that sparks your interest?  All of his artwork is available for purchase by contacting him directly on Facebook.

View more of his work from the evening in our Flickr gallery below.


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