Dario Mohr

Dario Mohr is a multidimensional artist, who expresses his gift through the mediums of painting, Mixed Media, illustration, cartoons, comics, caricaturing, and  Graphic Design, as well as Fashion Design.  He is in the process of establishing his brand (Dario Mohr Fine Arts DBA) with companies including Psychonautical INKorperated, Mischief Men Comics, Daft Minerva Fashion, BuddhaHood Threads, and Nescient Profits Greeting Card Company to name a few.

Dario was born to a Grenadian, Indian, and Scottish mother Sara Phillips, and an Italian and Austrian father, Thomas Matrullo in Cape Cod, Massachusetts.  At age two, Dario moved with his mother, Sara, to the west village of NY.   They moved throughout NYC and the Bay Area before eventually ending up in Buffalo, N.Y.  In middle school, Dario began creating hundreds of original cartoon and comic characters with story lines and episodes, or issues for each.  By high school he had three, three inch binders full of his best cartoons in differing styles and increasingly elaborate costume designs.  He also created comic strips and mini books.

By mid high school, Dario became more interested in fine art.  His cartoons began taking design shifts into the abstract. By his senior year,  he had won a black book as team captain for earning second place at the Lewiston Chalk Walk Festival. Dario then began designing cathartic uninhibited patterns, mazes, motifs, and other abstract works that he completed within two years.  He then followed up with a graffiti black book as well as a tattoo portfolio, and other cartoon book.

Dario Profile2His senior year of high school made for the ultimate shift in his artistic, academic, and career paths.  After completing his first assignment in painting class, he realized he had a true talent for it.  He was so elated by his success that he began painting during study halls and at home.  Dario realized the rate in which he completed an assignment was similar to the rate which he completed any other personal art piece. He could finish a painting in half the time assigned for the project.

His Painting and AP art class assignments combined came out to 97 pieces, not including any of the cartoons, comics, or black book illustrative era.  This made for the largest display of any single artist to be shown in Sweet Home High Schools Senior Art Show history.  This achievement earned him the Art Department Board of Education Award as a graduating senior that year, as well as class recognition for best artist by his peers.

Dario went on to Buffalo State College, knowing he had more to explore with fine art on many levels including, medium, subject matter,  and theme.  This lead to the decision to major as a Fine Artist with a concentration in painting as well as philosophy.  Additional coursework which furthered his artistic understanding includes an Independent study with Professor and Fine Artist Joseph Miller, Art Therapy courses, Art Education, and Art History.

Dario had been in a few group exhibits before showcasing at age 17 to various galleries in Buffalo.  The galleries included the Cepa’s yearly Curtain Up exhibit, Cosmopolitan Gallery, and College Street Gallery, among others.  He had his first One Man Show in 2008 as well as several other showings, including the Elmwood Art Festival, Music Is Art Festival, Allen West Festival, Cheektowaga Arts and Crafts Festival, and Infringement Festival.

Inspired by his philosophy classes, he took a break from exhibiting between 2009 and 2011 to write poems, illustrate in his book, and refine his painting techniques.  He also had three consecutive internships at the Albright Knox Art Gallery.   He did the first semester as an Art Preparator, second as an Art Therapist, and third as an Art Educator.  Dario began doing art demonstrations, 0ne of which lead to his employment at Starlight Studios as an art teaching aid for people with developmental disabilities.

Photo Credit: Dario Mohr

Around this time, Dario started doing commercial work including three CD covers, a DVD cover, promotional art, and a comic strip for The Record Newspaper.  In addition his artwork, he was featured on the covers the local publications; Nomad Magazine and Elmleaves Magazine.  A work of his was also featured in international Paperback Figurama 2010.  The piece was also included in its traveling exhibit in Europe.

In 2011 after what felt like a long hiatus from fine art, Dario exhibited four One Man Shows each consisting of entirely new work from the last.  He also participated in the Allen West0, Amherst Street, and Infringement Festivals.  Having graduated and seeking new artistic influence, he began collaborating on projects for the first time with various writers and artists expanding both his exposures and creativity.

In 2012 Dario experienced a creative renaissance.  He exhibited a new series of seven One Man Shows, with a different exhibit for each one.  These took place in the grandest spaces he’d shown in yet such as Artspace Gallery and ZGM Fine Arts (aka 1048 Elmwood Gallery).  He was also the Featured Artist for Artspace Gallery’s Image and Identity, a Black History Month exhibit, and showcased in a number of group shows.  Dario was featured in the Blind Baby Holiday and Infringement Festivals totaling 16 art shows that year.

Photo Credit: Dario Mohr

Through his exhibition experience, Dario began to prefer throwing One Man Shows with live performers, musicians, dancers, poets, and other talents.  After networking with quite a few, he started introducing them to each other and they began collaborating.  This was very exciting for Dario. When he was offered to keep his One Man Exhibit “Psychotropia: Paradise of the Mind” up for Code Blu Juice Bar as a permanent exhibit, he decided to host an open mic for the performers he knew and would soon meet.  The event offered the opportunity for performers to play in the dark, black lit room among fluorescent paintings, while Dario painted a live demo every first Friday of every month.

Dario decided to utilize his artistic speed to start a freelance caricature career, drawing for events including a Fireman’s Ball, Wellness Weekend Festival at Crawford Farms, various events for the University at Buffalo, and weddings.

Toward the end of the year, Dario began coming full circle from classical paintings to illustrative art of different mediums and genres.  He created graphic design logos for all of his business DBAs, as well as other businesses including the official logo for Bird Caged Record Label,, and all of its character avatars, various musicians, designers, fashion shows, DJs, and other artists.

Dario had a number of collaborations in 2012 including work with musician and filmmaker Scantron for props and pieces made for his movie Taike Sutra, coming out in the fall of 2013.  He also began a greeting card company with Buffalo poet Miggy, and mixed media Orisha series with OMI.

Photo Credit: Dario Mohr

In 2012, Dario embarked on another creative business venture debuting three fashion lines at 7 Chances “Runway on the Water” Show.  His solo line Daft Minerva, incorporates patterns and designs similar to his black book abstracts in high school, as well as a new graphic design direction he started that year.  Daft Minerva fashions are either silk screened images or hand drawn with fabric ink.  Dario has also collaborated with Rellie My on a jewelry line called Dharma.  For a collaborative line called BuddhaHood, he has been using bags, dresses, jeans, and caps as a canvas for his graphic acrylic painted depictions of the Buddha.  He and his collaborator, designer OMI of SaiOne Elmwood Boutique, design the dresses together while expressing their shared philosophy.  Dario is also taking an internship with OMI to learn how to sew and take all of his lines to the next level.

Dario began live painting for charity and entertainment events including 7 Chances Runway on the Water, and The Next Big Thing Industry Mixer at Main Street Studios, a YMCA Initiative Mixer at Code Blu Juice Bar, and country singer Valerie Mize’s concert at Babeville, where the piece was auctioned.

This year Dario has set a new direction.  He will once again exhibit One Man Shows outside of Buffalo, N.Y. only. He is beginning to illustrate for profit, and has joined Visions Comic Art Group.  He is in the process of creating and collaborating on comics to be published in graphic novels and publications. Dario is turning all of his art endeavors into business, while working tirelessly to surprise others and himself with all that he can master.