Eric Francesco Todaro


Photo Credit: Eric Francesco Todaro


Eric Francesco Todaro was born and raised in the lower West Side of Buffalo, NY, in the midst of many cultures.  His exposure to all of these cultures has groomed him to be well-rounded and versed in urban style and art.  Eric’s creativity roots itself in the streets he grew up on, and the people he was surrounded with.  While an adolescent trying to discover who he was and how to express himself, art became Eric’s outlet.

While later living in Cheektowaga and attending ECC College, he embarked on his education in Graphic Design.  This would later be a gateway to his current career.  Todaro is currently finishing his Bachelor of Fine Arts in Communication Design at Buffalo State College.  In the process, he has acquired several different art forms that work in tandem with his graphic design.

Photography, much like Design, has been of strong passion of Todaro’s, which has led him to wanting to one day direct short films.  He has previously directed two music videos for a local artist, and is in the process of directing his third.  He is very proud to be a Buffalonian.

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Photo credit: Eric Francesco Todaro



Photo credit: Eric Francesco Todaro



Photo credit: Eric Francesco Todaro