Farmer’s Market Talent

Aside from the weather, the summer season promises a plethora of things to entice the senses, the taste buds, and the artistic spirit.  These days, farmer’s markets are offering huge benefits to one’s health & wellness, all while allowing for us to enjoy some creativity during the early mornings.  During the summer and fall seasons in Buffalo, NY, you can check out a variety of markets around the area with one of the most popular ones taking place on Saturday mornings on Elmwood and Bidwell.  Where else can you enjoy the variety, fresh air, and be entertained all at once.

If you are lucky, like we often are, you get the treat of some live entertainment and today was no different.  We ran across two very different gentleman each drawing crowds of all ages and if you’re looking to hear something different, these two certainly fit!  We were entertained by Chris “Sawbones” Jones who is not only incredibly talented on the strings, but he also offers lessons as well.

Chris “Sawbones” Jones

Another individual who had us completely intrigued was a musician by the name of Twenty Thousand Strongmen.  If you have never seen someone play a multitude of instruments all at once, then you must find a moment to experience this perfect chaos in person and snag one of his CDs while you are there.

TwentyThousand Strongmen
TwentyThousand Strongmen



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