K. Hackzeon – Featured Artist Winner

K. Hackzeon – Featured Artist Winner

“Salutations! My name is Kirk Broomfield and I was born and raised in New York City (the Bronx to be exact). My artistic abilities have no boundaries, from poetry to drawing and painting to song writing; musically I’m a Disc Jockey (DJ), a Producer, a Record Collector etc. I’m noted as an “old soul at heart”, my wisdom perceives me especially during a focused moment. I’m vividly imaginative meaning mainly that my words have double and sometimes triple meanings but I will never feed you with my sight of the world. I can tell you my thoughts but I would rather let you digest my sight in-order for you to judge your own sight and acknowledge your hidden talents. My street name is DJ K.Hackzeon which is basically when Kirk becomes focused and Hack takes over. To Hack is to break what’s normal, and zeon is a mis-spelling of the word zone. In my perception zeon means my personal zone in which I’m the creator and there is no other place like it. So the breakdown of K.Hackzeon is: Kirk’s creative focus that breaks the normal within a zone that only I can control.”

Kirk or DJ K. Hackzeon as he’s more popularly known, was among the first four to compete against one another for a spot as StreetPoetz’s featured artist.  His submission drew votes from across the nation landing him the winning spot when he originally launched.

His winning submission:

“Finding New York”

“I’m puzzled  I want to speak my mind but I bite my tongue as not to offend? I see that some things are  to be left unsaid but who learns from this transaction, my patience is long but is wearing thin and my judgement seems to be always judged, I’m standing on one foot and my balance is shaky, where’s my support and where’s my anchor in the flesh, Lord your guidance has taken me to this point for a reason and even with my wisdom I’m bonded but my reflection is eternal and my heart is gold to those who see it’s potential, applaud my sight and embrace me cause from the street level that I walk it was here that my personality was developed and it’s where kirk became employed and like a salutation I became DJ and along a long travel my truth was learned in New York City,  thus my full name Dj K.Hackzeon.”


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