Latricia Owens

Photo courtesy of Latricia Owens
Photo courtesy of Latricia Owens

Sometimes the best poetry is simple and derived from memories and put together with the help of those closest to us. When asked to add a poem to our Facebook wall, Latricia Owens didn’t hesitate to throw caution to the wind and add something that was near and dear to her. The prize? To be highlighted on What she didn’t know was how the winning poem would be chosen. Perhaps choosing one ourselves would have been the easiest thing to do, but why not let the public decide and thus “The Rodeo Cowboy” was chosen by those around the country through their likes and comments.

Who is Latricia Owens?
“I am a proud single mom to a wonderful, slightly autistic little boy. Of course, he keeps me busy all the time, especially with being creative! I have always had an artistic, creative side to myself. I was never good at painting or drawing, but my mother taught me basic crochet and I ran with it, and I eventually ended up designing and crocheting a wedding dress. I taught myself to do embroidery, and I am learning how to sew. I enjoy finding something that I do not know how to do and teaching myself how to do it. Then I go the next step and challenge myself. I also love to express myself through cooking, always making something new! I have also made myself very proud by getting my high school diploma, a diploma in Private Investigating, and a diploma in Medical Transcriptioning”.
Where are you from?

“Poplar Bluff, Missouri”

How did you come to discover and our fan page?
“My dear friend, Gwenn told me about it and I had to check it out! Once I went on there, I loved it!”
What prompted you to respond with a post and did you think you could win?
“I had seen the post on the poetry and it made me think of a poem that I had from a few years ago. I wasnt sure I even had a chance at winning, there are so many talents on your page. I just knew that I wanted to enter it for my Grandpa. See, the poem I entered was written by me and my Grandpa. Just before he died of lung cancer, we were watching his favorite movies – Westerns. We were sitting there talking about them and he challenged me to write a poem about them. We sat there for hours shooting ideas back and forth, acting silly, laughing, and making memories. The end result, “The Rodeo Cowboy”, – a little bit Western movies, a little bit of my Grandpa.”
Tell us a little about your poetry style.
“I don’t really have a style, just try to think of something fun!”
When did you first find a love for writing poetry?
“When I was in high school – always loved Literature class.”
What does your subject matter tend to revolve around?
“Anything that sparks inspiration.”
Do you write about personal experiences or real life or would you say that your poetry is fictional?
“I would say a mix of both.”
What does it mean to you to win a highlight on
“I am so thrilled and so honored to be part of such a wonderful, artistic community! It is so amazing to see so much talent and skill, and to be a part of it, everyone here has that spark of genius. I can not wait to see what is on here next!”
What would you like to tell others who may be shy about sharing their talents?
“Never be shy! Your results are win or fail, but you can’t get results unless you try. Even if you get knocked down a hundred times, keep getting up because the next time you get up could be your big break.”
The Rodeo Cowboy
By Latricia Owens

Out west in the land of the sun,
The rodeo cowboy is having his fun.
Riding the broncs and roping the steers,
Chasing pretty women and drinking his beers.
Along with his friend, the rodeo clown,
He travels the circuit from town to town.
To all the crowds he brings happiness and cheer,
As he wrestles the beasts without any fear.
Now whether he wins or whether he loses,
He always goes home saddle sore and covered with bruises.
But no matter how rough, this rodeo game,
He loves it all, the roughness and fame.
Now that he is old and no longer can ride,
He stands at the bar, with dignity and pride.
Remembering the broncs and the roping of steers,
Chasing pretty women and drinking his beers.

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