StreetPoetz Business Directory Builds Artistic Community

While so many artists work alone, spending their days away from social interactions and opportunities to meet other artists, there is still hope for artists to make new connections, thanks to the business directory.

The StreetPoetz business directory is a free online business listing for any artist or person or business providing services to the arts.  Think of it as the yellow pages for the arts. If you run your own business as an artist, you may not have a business phone line, and simply use your cell phone for all business purposes.  As you may know, it’s difficult and often costly to be listed in the yellow pages or major online directories with just a cell phone number.  The StreetPoetz directory, however, allows you to list your business and contact information for free.

How do you know if you should be list your business in the directory?

  • If you are an artist for hire, you can be listed in the directory.
  • If you, for example, are a musician, and available to perform at events, you should be listed.
  • If you are a visual artist and your art is available for purchase, you can be in the directory.
  • If you are a freelance writer, you qualify.
  • If you provide any form of art or artistic service where someone can hire you or purchase your work, you can be listed in the directory.

If you don’t provide artistic services, you still may provide a service to artists.  Artists who keep up their own businesses may need, for example, financial advice, and may need to hire a financial consultant.  If someone is running an event, they can look to the directory for an event planner, a caterer, and even a venue. If you need help building a new website, you can look to the directory for a web designer (or even hire

So, how does your listing work? It’s simple!  Click on the “Directory” page on our site, and click the link at the top to get to our easy form.  You provide your business name, your contact name (if they are not the same), a brief description that helps people understand exactly what services you provide, your contact information (the more, the better, because it makes you accessible to more people who may not, for example, use Facebook, or don’t regularly check their email), links to your website and any social media pages, and how far you are willing to travel.  This last bit of information is important, because it shows your accessibility to those who may not be around the corner.  If your work can be done virtually, obviously, this is less important. If you are a vocalist looking to sing at events, however, this could be vital information to a non-profit looking for entertainment for their fundraiser. There will be also the opportunity for you to provide a logo for your business, if you have one once your information has been received.

Rather than researching, Google searching, and asking friends, make new connections with your one stop free access to the Streetpoetz directory.  It is also a great self-promotional tool for those not sure how to “get out there”.  It is free advertising and free networking. Once you’re a part of the directory, you’re already part of a community of people who know where to find it, and know how to find you.

“The business directory is important for many reasons,” says Carmel Carson, founder of “From an artist’s standpoint, I fully believe that artists no matter what their background, should have a central place where they can provide the public information on their products and services. Sometimes, having a fan page and website just isn’t enough. We are trying to bridge that gap between the talent and potential clients. Word of mouth only goes so far and this is an opportunity to be listed just as you would in the phone book only better! In addition, you have to remember other service providers. We want to be a one stop source for those who plan events that those in the arts, but we can’t forget that people often need services such as: catering, videography, stylists, marketing consultants and more.”

As Carmel says, the directory is particularly beneficial to anyone planning an event in the arts. Hosting an event can be a daunting task.  There are various small, specific details you need to iron out before, during, and even after the event. It can be stressful figuring out what services you will need and the people who will need to be involved when you want everything to go smoothly.  The directory lightens this burden by thinking of all the services you may need, and having a list of contacts for each one.  Even if everything else is not going as planned, you can at least save time searching for the people you need to hire for the event.

“I believe one of the reasons that we are different is because we don’t charge to be listed,” Carson says. “In addition, artists and businesses are given ample space to include a business description, logo, links to websites, and social media and contact info. We’ve included so many categories and sub-categories that everyone is sure to find their place.”

StreetPoetz gives each listing a much more personal feel than simply a list of contact information. Every listing has the opportunity to really brand themselves, sell their service and explain what makes them unique. While a Facebook page or website can accomplish this as well, the directory puts all of these personalized listings in one place, so you can easily browse from one to the next. The personalized quality of each listing truly enhances the directory’s feel of community. You can simply browse the directory and familiarize yourself with some of the other artists in your area, and see what services they provide that may be helpful to you.

The directory simply formalizes one of the many goals StreetPoetz seeks to achieve: to bring artists together and promote their work. When people of all different talents can come together, new ideas form and new artistic creations flourish. The possibilities are endless when creative minds inspire one another.

Click here to check out our business directory or here to create your free listing.



Hanna Etu

Hanna Etu is a Buffalo, New York native passionate about writing, literature, and travel. From a young age, she loved to read and write and attempted to write her own novels. This love for words has continued on into the rest of her life through constant writing. She is heavily influenced by the novels of Jane Austen and the dark humor of David Sedaris. Hanna graduated from Canisius College in the spring of 2015 with a degree in English, Creative Writing, and German. Throughout college, she began to focus more on creative nonfiction. She hopes to publish a few memoirs someday. She studied abroad at the Catholic University of Eichstätt in Bavaria, Germany in the spring semester of 2014. During her senior year of college, Hanna was the co-editor-in-chief of the Quadrangle, Canisius College’s literary and visual arts magazine. For Hanna, writing is about sharing a part of one’s creative soul. She sees writing as a way for creative people to show others little glimpses of their imagination that they would not be able to express otherwise. Hanna writes to acknowledge art, beauty, and new and interesting places and people.

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