Kelly Marie

Kelly Marie

June 21, 2015716Views

60746842764141547381-e1434943450855Kelly Marie is highly skilled in creating and integrating media formats, communication methods and developing and implementing branding guidelines and plans. Her skills transcend industry as she intuitively builds communications and marketing campaigns with the individual client in mind.  Her background in communications, web and media strategies includes: creating the Front Seat Chronicles: The Hope Movement; managing health engagement and outreach for the eight counties of Western New York; developing recruiting methods and print and digital materials for the undergraduate admissions department of a comprehensive college; and consulting with numerous business and organizations.

Kelly Marie is also the founder of Front Seat Life and creator of Front Seat Chronicles: The Hope Movement an organization designed to inspire hope in the lives of others.  As a hope sponsor, a survivor of sexual abuse, suicide attempts and an overcomer of chronic depression, Kelly openly shares her personal story of triumph. Being transparent about her life, Kelly offers people the opportunity to see inside the pain and betrayal she has experienced so that the barriers of abuse and mental health can be obliterated.

Kelly’s style is unorthodox and has garnered the praise of her colleagues and clients. Encouraging people to “ #bethelight ” Kelly shares her story of life with other survivors, caregivers, advocates and health professionals.