Ten Thousand

Spoken Word Artist

Ten Thousand
Photo Credit: Erica Eichelkraut Zilbauer


For the past eight years, Ten Thousand has been captivating, educating and inspiring audiences with his words.  He has established a name for himself in slam poetry, and delivers heartfelt performances with both his written word and his freestyle emoting.  Now, poetry lovers and fans can experience the beauty of his words in the comfort of their own living rooms.

In high school, Ten Thousand was an athlete who had often had problems getting out the right words that he wanted to use.  He began writing to ease the pain of his grandmother passing, and continued to write to explore his feelings about moving from the inner city to the suburbs.  He began performing in spoken word competitions in 2004, and brought with him a unique ability to freestyle.  Ten Thousand awes his audiences by asking for three words, and then incorporating those words into his freestyle.  He asks that people be able to use the word in a sentence, before they ask him to use it.

During the winter of 2005, Ten Thousand published a book of poetry entitled Thoughts of a Young Man. This compilation consisted of poems that he had written between the ages of fourteen and nineteen.  He has since worked with SHEA’S Performing Arts Center, where he taught students in western New York about slam poetry and performing written word.  He has also run poetry workshops with local high schools and organizations to educate, engage and empower youth.

The name Ten Thousand was given to him by Buffalo poets James Cooper and DB Hands.  They gave him this name because they said he had “10,000 poems on his heart, mind and soul at any time”.  He still performs at open mic evenings, slam poetry events and writes custom pieces for clients.

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