Street Resources

Street Resources

Resources… Resources For What?

What would talent be without the resources and tools made available to us to ensure the fine tuning of our skills.  Its a fact that the moment you stop learning is the day you stop progressing and without progression you become stagnant and even digress.  No matter what your talent, new things become available to us every year that make things that much easier.

As a writer, how many times have you put you pencil down because your brain just fizzled out or because your level of creativity weakened for a moment.  For some its hard to pick that pencil back up and push on and for others it may just be a matter of having a helping hand.  Street Resources is a small library of sites that may prove helpful in your quest of creativity.  As we find more helpful sites and or programs will will continue to update them.  Be sure to visit the forum in the “Mental Block” post for ideas, tricks and hits added by our community.

Please know that the following sites are merely a reference and are in no way affiliated with  You should use them at your own discretion.  See our terms and conditions  here.

Online Dictionaries:

These sites are mainly for looking up words and their meanings.  Need something straight to the point, is the most simple of them all.  No frills, no fluff!


Multiple Online Dictionaries:

This site is unique in that it searches multiple dictionaries at once – giving you a range of meanings explained differently.


Multi-language Dictionaries:

For the bi,tri and multi-lingual or those aspiring to be so, these dictionaries translate into multiple languages.



A thesaurus is used to find other words than the ones you may already be accustomed to using.  Such words are also known as synonyms.  In many cases you can also find the antonym as well.  Not only does this expand your vocabulary but also keeping with the philosophy that the progression of learning is a necessity.



Other resources for finding synonyms (words with like or similar meanings).


Artistic Resources:

Each site is unique in what they offer, but all fun and worth it!

The below sites are all artistic in nature.  Many offer fun features that take drawing to an entirely new level.  Finding the program that works for you will be your next step.


Flame Painter (Online Flame Thrower)


Gimp (Free)

Can’t afford Adobe Photoshop or rather not dish out that much money for a program that some would say is extremely difficult to use  You’re in luck, Gimp has many of the same features and concepts of Adobe Photoshop.  Though it isn’t identical and nothing can truly replace the power behind Photoshop, some would argue that Gimp is not far behind.


TuxPaint (Children’s Painting / Art Software – Free) 

TuxPaint is available in schools and other artistic forums around the world.


Google Art Project  (Free)

Every hear about the world’s most famous art galleries and museums but never plan to get there.  Want to know what it’s like to see up close artwork in the Palace of Versailles in France, the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam, the National Gallery in London, or the Metropollitan Museum of Art in New York City?  Now visit without destroying your bank account.


Stykz ( Stick figure animation program – Free)

This software allows you to create stick figures and animate them.  While flip books are certainly a thing of the past, they don’t have to be with Stykz. (Free)

This is not your Paint Shop type of software.  This program proves to be much easier for the novice user while having many of the same components as Adobe Photoshop.


FatPaint:  (Free / Online)

This is a graphic design and image editing software program which is available online for free.   This robust software allows you to take your ideas from mere thoughts all the way to promotional items.  Ever have an idea that you wanted to print on a shirt?  Check out this software.


FlashPaint:  (Free / Online)

Have you ever tried to draw online and have it look as though you tried to create it with an etchasketch?  This is a cute online pain and upload tool that proves to be much easier.  Just take a look at the gallery.


As well as these others:


If you can get past the robotic voice, this is a cool tool to use.  Turn your photo or drawing into a painting.


The graffiti artist’s playground (the sounds alone will make you think you are really holding a can of spraypaint)


Great for collaborating or  illustrating something that is hard to articulate


Don’t be put off by the blank screen – the shading capabilities are amazing!  Just click and try!


Online storybook creator


Music / Vocal Resources

Diction Helper

This software focuses on helping those vocalists who seek to learn proper pronunciation and diction in other languages providing you with an online voice lesson.


This site covers pronunciation in a readable format.


Make your own blank staff paper (for sheet music)


Sheet Music for personal or teaching purposes only (and for purchase)


FL Studio (Free Demo Available)

If you were into online music composing and producing programs you may have been familiar with “Fruity Loops” in the past, not to be confused with the cereal.  Because of trademarking issues, this software is now known as FL Studio.  The features are too many to list but in a nutshell it’s everything you need to “compose, arrange, record, edit, mix and master professional quality music.”  – FL Studio Website.  Pricing ranges but is a one time fee.  All software updates are available free for life.  Be sure to check out their site for more products.


For The Youngsters   (PG)


Please note that the sites provided in this section are merely for your own resource only and are not affiliated with  The sites here are those recommended by the community and others.  While most are free to use, and its affiliates are not responsible for any loss or purchases made with any third party found while visiting this site.

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