Azart Air Assassin

Photo Credit:  Magdalina Fernandez
Azart Air Assassin


Azart, was born Abdul Butler, in the Bronx, NY.  He and his three brothers and sisters were raised by a strong, single mother of Spanish/Caribbean heritage.  He always liked the arts, music, and dance.  He was a dancer and performed in “Break Dancing” the movie while growing up in New York.   Azart has performed with his dance crew at many clubs in New York City such as Bonds International Casino, The Loft, The Tunnel, and many more. After school, he had to watch over his younger sister, and started to do Graffiti Art in the neighborhood, which extended into the Bronx, Brooklyn, and Manhattan .

Azart’s interest for the Art of Graffiti lead him to his Bachelor Degree at the University of Buffalo.  To pay for his schooling, he did many jobs with custom art and found that air brushing was more efficient, quick, and easy.  That is when he became the Azart Air Assassin, offering custom airbrush and freehand art design.  He did projects with Knuckle City Films and a commercial with New Era Caps featuring his work.  Recently, he was featured by “Journeys End: Buffalo Through Their Eyes” cover edition.  He has worked in many businesses painting on a variety of surfaces including Canvas, Paper, Vehicles, Murals, Clothing, Textiles, People, i.e. Body Art Paint, and any surface that can hold paint using an air brush, spray paint, etc.

” My work shows the leap that can be made when fine art meets street art, which is why Fine Art plus Graffiti equals Fine Graffiti Art style”.  Azart’s objective is to enlighten the masses on the artistic merit of Fine Graffiti Art Style in all its forms on every medium, i.e. murals, automobiles, and motorcycles.  Each of these are found readily within the inner city.  He enjoys educating and passing on the origins of where and why it started, how it was, and where it’s going.

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Dancing Hispanic Yellow Dress