Author Mark C. Lloyd

Author Mark C. Lloyd

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Mark C. LLoyd is a published Poet and a produced Playwright who resides in Lockport, New York. As a Playwright, Director, board member and production consultant he has worked with many theater companies in the Buffalo, New York area. To date he has directed over two dozen of his own plays. In 2009 Mark won an award for Directing from the Theatre Association of New York State and in May of 2006 he won the award for Writing “Hollywood Dreams-A Monologue”.

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He has been the featured reader and host at numerous Poetry events and has self-produced several artistic and theater productions. His self-published Poetry chap book from 2010 “Warm Blooded Mornings” is still available for sale as well as his 2012 miniature book “It’s The Place You’ll Find Me” by Destitute Press. In 2013 his book “Unfinished Suite: Poetry & Prose” was released by No Frills Publishing and is described as “… Lloyd has mastered the art of living in each moment. He captures and brilliantly documents the details of those moments that most take for granted, as if he sees the future and recognizes the fortune in front of him. He breathes life into every day human interactions.” “Breakfast With You: A Collection of Poems” was release 2015 by No Frills Publishing demonstrates insight and emotion combined with Lloyd’s artistic style. LLoyd’s voice is resounding as his words flow from the page. “I want to be there in the morning when you wake up to freshly brewed coffee and say hello to the world. I want to have breakfast with you.”

Presently Mark is editing another book of Poetry, a Novella and two books of his produced Plays as well as two new feature length plays for 2015/2016.


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