Battle of the Brushes Rules

Battle of the Brushes Presented by

Contest Rules

There will be a limit of 28 spaces for Canvas Battle Artists and 10 Spaces for Body Canvas Artists.  A $25 entry fee is required to reserve your space and be included in the roster, promotions and advertising.

All Battle Artists and models must arrive by 2pm (1-hour prior to the start of the event) to check in and set-up.  All Artists must be completely setup by 2:45 pm.   Any Artist arriving after 2:30 pm will be disqualified and any model arriving after 2:30 pm will disqualify their Artist unless the Artist can find a replacement by this time.  The Battle of the Brushes event will begin at 3:00 pm with the official start of the Battle starting at 3:30 pm SHARP!

All Artists will be given 2 hours to paint plus time for a 15 min break.

Canvas Artists:

Canvas Artists will be provided with one 18″ x 24″ canvas panel (1/8″ thickness) to use during the event.  Artists will receive this at check-in and may ONLY use this to paint during the battle.  Artists may only use acrylic paint and may only use brushes (which you must provide) or acrylic markers.  Non-mechanical items may be used to achieve different effects.

We will provide: 

  • 18″ x 24″ canvas panel (All canvas is coated with 3 layers of gesso)
  • Starter amount of paint
  • Plastic drop cloths
  • Plastic disposable aprons
  • Disposable paint palettes
  • Water and water containers

Artists Responsibility:

  • You must provide your own floor standing easel
  • Additional paints / colors
  • Additional draping if needed
  • Non-mechanical tools to aid in their creation

Body Canvas Artists:

Body Canvas Artists must select their own models for the event.  Upon registering for the event, Artists agree to use paint that is deemed for and safe to use on the skin.  It is the Artist’s responsibility to ensure that their Model is not allergic to any of the paints / make-up that will be used during this event., it’s partners and affiliates hold no responsibility or liability of any kind regarding any agreement(s) made between models and artists.

We will provide:

  • Basic body paint to get started
  • Plastic drop cloths
  • Chair
  • Plastic disposable aprons
  • Disposable paint palettes
  • Water and water containers

Artists Responsibility:

  • Additional paints / colors
  • Additional draping if needed
  • Non-mechanical tools to aid in their creation

The Yays and Nays

  • Artists may bring or use non-mechanical tools to complete their work.  (No blow dryers, paint guns, or air brush tools will be permitted).
  • No pre-made images, stencils, or guides of any kind may be used in this competition.
  • Artists will have 10 min prior to the official 3:30 pm start time to do any pencil sketches only!  Anyone found to add any paint, mediums, primers of any kind prior to the start will be disqualified.
  • Artists may not mix paint until the contest officially begins.
  • No reference materials of any kind will be permitted at the easels during the contest.  Phones will only be permitted for listening to music.
  • Artists must paint within their chosen themes.

Body Canvas Models:

Body Canvas Models are selected by the Body Canvas Artists.  Models must be willing to or be able to Mannequin Model (posing and switching to various positions) for a continuous period of 45 minutes.  While may hold a model call to assist with these connections, Models understand that this arrangement is strictly between themselves and the Artists and has no influence on whether or not Models are chosen or not chosen.

How will the winners be decided?

Winners will be selected by the audience via voting ballet.  Winners will be announced during the event and one Canvas Artist and one Body Canvas Artist will each receive a $250 cash prize.

Can I listen to music via headphones?

We will have live entertainment during the event, however you are welcome to listen to music during the event however may not be used to look up images or other reference materials to complete your work.

Additional Promotions:

As part of assisting Artists, we will be holding a brief photo shoot for any Visual and Performing Artist.  (Bands or Groups must be photographed together).  Those unable to make it to the photo shoot day may also submit a photo.  Photos and Artist information will be promoted via social media during the time leading up to the event as well as included on

All Visual and Performing Artists of this event will be invited to a be a virtual vendor at no additional cost.  All items for the virtual vendor bags must be received no later then Saturday, June 10, 2017.  You may contact the team to arrange a pick-up of items, or they can be mailed to:

Attention:  Carmel Carson

PO Box 18 | Williamsville, NY 14232

Sharing and Inviting Others:

The more people you help us to invite, the more of a success this event will be.  We appreciate your sharing the event online via social media

Participation Waiver

I have agreed to participate in the Battle of the Brushes presented by being held on Saturday, June 17, 2017. I knowingly and voluntarily waive and release to the fullest extent permitted by law, all claims, causes or rights of action, demands, judgments, verdicts, suits at law or in equity or otherwise, and all liability for personal, compensatory, punitive or other damages I now have or may have at any point in the future against StreetPoetz or and its affiliates arising out of or related to participation in this activity.

All items personal or otherwise brought to the event are the direct responsibility of myself and I voluntarily and knowingly assume all risks of loss and or damage during this event.

I understand and attest that if I am performing poetry that I am reciting my own original work and not that of another artist. Musicians and Vocalists performing covers (works by another artist) must give credit to that artist at the beginning of their performance.

I understand that should allow me to display additional artwork at this event that I may not use nails or anything that may cause damage to the walls or any surface.  Artwork may only be hung in pre-approved areas and I am responsible for the hanging and removal of all artwork with the understanding that all artwork MUST be completely hung no later then 2:30 pm on the day of the event.  All artwork must be removed following the close of the event and I understand that I am responsible for my own work.

I further authorize and consent to the use of my pictures, video taken during the event, likeness, name, persona, portrait, likeness or identity of me, whether by print or otherwise for purposes of advertising, marketing, business solicitation, promotion, display and for general inclusion in promotions excluding those which I have opted out of above.

A physical copy of these contest rules and waiver will be provided at both the photo shoot and at check-in.  I understand that a signed copy must be completed prior to entering the contest or performing in this event.