Battle of the Brushes II

Battle of the Brushes II

Welcome to Battle of the Brushes II presented by ™.

This year’s the Battle of the Brushes is going to be even bigger and better!  Last year was a huge success and we are even more excited to bring to you our next event on Saturday, July 14th.  Are you ready to be a part of the action and compete to become the next Brush Master?

Artist Registration begins, Saturday, February 10th, 2018 at 6PM.  Battle seats are limited and WILL run out this year!  Pre-sale tickets go on sale March 1st!

Canvas Artists

There are ONLY 28 spots

As a Canvas Artist, you will be painting in the more traditional sense on a provided canvas panel.

We will provide: 

  • 18″ x 24″ canvas panel (All canvas is coated with 3 layers of gesso)
  • Starter amount of acrylic paint (Red, Yellow, Blue, Black & White)
  • Plastic disposable aprons
  • Dropcloths
  • Chair
  • Disposable paint palettes
  • Water & water containers
  • 1 Complimentary Guest Admission for the Artist
  • Complimentary Photo Shoot Invite (May 19th)
  • Lunch on the day of the event (Available from 12:00 – 2:00 pm)
  • Certificate of Appreciation
  • Free Virtual Vendor Advertising

Artist’s Responsibility:

  • You must provide your own floor standing easel.  If you do not have a floor standing easel, you may bring a tabletop easel but you must provide your own small table to place it on (no more than 3′ L x 3′ W – please check with the team prior).
  • Additional paints/colors other than what we provide
  • Additional draping if needed
  • Non-mechanical tools to aid in their creation

Click Here for a list Contest Rules

Body Canvas Artists

There are ONLY 10 spots

As a Body Canvas Artist, you will be tasked with painting on live models.  Models may be male or female, must have genitals/breast area (for women) covered, and should be comfortable or open to mannequin modeling for 45 min.   Guidelines for painting below.

We will provide:

  • Shared tablespace
  • Basic body paint to get started
  • Plastic drop cloths
  • Chair for both Artist and Model
  • Plastic disposable aprons
  • Disposable paint palettes
  • Water and water containers
  • 1 Complimentary Guest Admission for the Artist
  • Complimentary Photo Shoot Invite (May 19th)
  • Lunch on the day of the event (Available from 12:00 – 2:00 pm)
  • Certificate of Appreciation
  • Free Virtual Vendor Advertising

The Skinny

Artists Responsibility:

  • Additional paints/colors or make-up types
  • Additional draping if needed
  • Non-mechanical tools to aid in their creation
  • Artists must ensure that their models are familiar with / able to mannequin model for 45 min following the painting period.

Click here for a list of contest rules

Model Confirmation & Model Wait List

Models will not be required to pay the $25 registration fee but instead must be accompanying a competing Artist or participating Designer to the event.  Body Canvas Artists will be responsible for finding their own models, however, if we find there is a need, we will be holding a model call for up to 10 models.

All Models (both Wearable Art Models and Body Canvas Models) must submit their registration via this site.

If you are not yet accompanying an Artist or Designer but would like to be considered and contacted should we do a model call, please complete the registration, and choose “Model Call”.

Click here for a list of contest rules

Battle of the Brushes Designers

There are 4 Designer spots available

The wearable art portion of the event is a chance to show the crowd just how creative you are!  Wearable art should be truly artistic and be designed for a model to wear.  Designs should be categorized as ‘Outfits’.  Jewelry designs will only be permitted as part of a complete outfit.

Designers should be prepared to have:

  • 3 total outfits
  • 3 models (you will need to find your models, though may do a model call to assist in this process)

Models will be mannequin modeling over the course of 45 min.  Models may move around periodically and use props to make things even more fun.  Designers should be prepared to interact with their “Mannequins” to add to the wonderment of the show.  This may include:

  • Moving your model into different positions (though they may also move themselves) as one would in a store display.
  • Adding things or making various changes to them while on display

Models make-up and overall look is the sole responsibility of the Designer and all make-up must be completed prior to the wearable art start time.

Once a Designer has been confirmed, Models must also register as well.

Click here for a list of contest rules

Performing Artists

We’re looking for Bands, individual Musicians, Vocalists,  Spoken Word Artists and Dancers who are looking to showcase their talents and who can help to keep the energy high during the event.  Musicians must come with their own amps and equipment.

  • Bands (Limit of 2)
  • Individual Musicians (Open)
  • Vocalists (Open)
  • Spoken Word Artists (Open)
  • Dancers (Open)

Time Limits TBD

**As we want to continue to provide opportunities to all talent, we give first preference to those who have not already performed in a event.  Performers will be notified upon selection.

Pre-Event and Event Day Volunteers

Volunteers help to make it all possible and we appreciate your selfless support!  We are looking for volunteers 18 years of age and up to help us before, during and directly after the event.  This is an amazing opportunity for someone who wants to be immersed in an intensely exciting and artistic event.  If you are looking to get in some volunteer time and have fun while doing so, we’d love to have you!  Some of the things we need help with are:


  • Constructing event props
  • Street Team – Distributing flyers
  • Photographers
  • Artist Call / Model Call Assistants

Event Day

  • Set-up /Takedown
  • Greeters
  • Event Runners
  • Registration

Virtual Vendor Opportunities

Virtual Vendors are back!!  What better way to network with a room full of people even if you don’t officially meet them.. and for only $5!  Vendor bags will be distributed to all guests until they are gone.  Drop in:

  • Business Cards
  • Flyers to Upcoming Events
  • Band / Gig Schedules
  • Promotional Items
  • Samples
  • Etc…

You decide and we’ll hand them out.  We’ll be handing out up to 150 bags at Battle of the Brushes II.  You just have to decide how many “households” you want to be in!  (50 bag min)

Thank You for Considering a Sponsorship!

All of your contributions help us to not only put on a spectacular event that is not only unique to the WNY area but also helps us to further the message that the arts are important.  Many lives have been changed through the expression of art – both visual and performing and we feel it’s our duty to ensure these artists can be seen AND heard!

Media & Press Attendees

We welcome and appreciate representatives from the media.  To reserve your complimentary passes ahead of time, click “Reserve Your Space” and we’ll have it waiting for you!

The Battle of the Brushes Alumni

A special congratulations to our winners and all of last year’s competing artists.  Check out last year’s photos here.