Don’t Get Lost in the Sauce

Make sure your audience remembers you.

Have you ever come across someone who will pitch you on their business but doesn’t have a business card or an example of their work handy?  This can be a deal breaker for many and if you are smart, you will imagine this person with a big flashing warning sign over their head.  But what if you were that person?  When you aren’t organized and prepared, you lose credibility and opportunities!

Being an artist is no different.  Always be on top of your craft because you never know when opportunity will come-a-knockin!  No matter what your craft, remember there are some things that you should never forget.  First impressions only come once!  Work on having potential customers and fans looking for you.

Business Card

These are key things to always have ready:

  • Business Cards

Don’t just leave it at this!  Use your pocket technology to connect with others on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc… Do this right away, and there’s less of a chance for someone to reply later with, “Who is this”?

  • Small Visual Portfolio

Of course you don’t drag your large frame masterpieces around town but you never know when an opportunity will present itself.  A potential buyer or promoter can be next to you in line at Starbucks.

  • Sample of your music

CDs?  Forget it!  Keep your music on your phone, iPhone, iPad, or tablet in an easy to find folder.   You can always send a link to your “copyrighted” material later but don’t just depend on them to open your email.

  • Video of yourself

Whose phone doesn’t capture video?  Be prepared to present.  Create an attractive YouTube channel and make sure you are accessible and easy to find.

  • A phone number and email

If you pay for nothing else, make sure you pay your phone bill!  When it comes to your email, remember to brand yourself EVERYWHERE.  If your artist name is Sing2me (we know, weird example), then your email shouldn’t be  Be smart and give people no choice but to remember you.

Worried about your large frame artwork that you wouldn’t dare carry around?  No worries, take a great quality photo and head to your local Kinkos or even drug store depending on your budget, to make prints for a small portfolio.

With that said, don’t rely on your own organization to save business cards that you receive.  There are may great apps out there  such as Genius Scan that turn your phone or tablet into a scanner.

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