Featured Artists

Featured Artists

Would you believe that some of the most talented people in the world are those who stay in the shadows?  You may hear them rhyming as they walk down the street, you may hear a melody escape their lips while they stand in the supermarket line.  Have you ever seen someone sketch or doodle something on a napkin and wonder why you never knew of their abilities before that day?  It happens more often that you realize.  These closet artists are your neighbors, your friends, classmates, parents, children, cousins, enemies and students.  Life’s best kept secrets depart this earth every moment never having the opportunity to share their talent with the world.

What is a Featured Artist?

A featured artist is an individual or group whose talent has caught our eye and earned a position on our homepage.  We love to learn about and feature up and coming talent, the hidden gems that make “ART” that intriguing element that some just can’t do without.  You can have all of the talent in the world and the videos to and portfolios to prove it, but without a place to showcase it, you may find it difficult to get the exposure and recognition that you desire.  You can pound the streets, sell mix tapes out of your trunk, post link after link on Facebook and YouTube, and while we do what we have to do, we always want to make sure we get our talents in front of those who will directly benefit.  By now, you’re probably wondering how you can become a Featured Artist.

Featured Artists receive:  An article detailing their biography and interview, along with images or links to their work, website, social media, and contact info.

How does one become a featured artist? (Click to expand)

  • You have been spotted by one of our team members online, at an event, or in the community
  • You have contacted us / nominated yourself and been selected as a featured artist
  • You were nominated by another individual or organization and have been selected as a featured artist

What artistic category do I need to fall under in order to be a featured artist? (Click to expand)

  • Dance
  • Musicians (Any Genre)
  • Photography
  • Poetry (Written or Spoken)
  • Slam Poetry
  • Spoken Word
  • Theater
  • Visual Arts of any kind (Any Medium – Painting, Drawing, Sketching, Sculpting, etc…)
  • Vocalists (Any Genre)

or.. In a category all your own?  Let us know!

What is a Student of the Month?

Do you know a student who is excelling in the arts that you’d like to have recognized here on  A student of the month is recognized not only for their artistic abilities, but also their achievements in the classroom.

Students of the Month receive:  An article detailing their biography and interview, along with images or links to their work, website

How does a student qualify to become a Student of the Month? (Click to expand)

Students must:

  • Be between the ages of 5 and 18 years of age
  • Have written parental  / guardian consent


How can students become a Student of the Month?

You can nominate them if they meet the following qualifications:

  • They currently maintain an overall average of at least a B-, 80%, or 2.5% or better
  • They fall under any of the categories of the Featured Artist above

Nominate Someone

Want to nominate someone or yourself as a Featured Artist or Student of the Month?  You can do this by either posting your work on our Facebook Fan Page, Tweeting us, or using our nomination form below.  #streetpoetzdotcom

So if you haven’t followed us on Facebook or Twitter, you might want to do that now and POST YOUR WORK!!

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