Finding Creative Spaces

Finding Creative Spaces

Studio Space is Where You Make it

In Buffalo, New York, we have art galleries such as the Burchfield Penny Art Center, The CEPA Gallery, El Museo Art Gallery, and Albright-Knox Art Gallery to name a few. Local businesses, restaurants, coffee houses, and more, offer their walls and sometimes their venues to artists, to display their work. This shows many of the artists who live in this city that art is very much wanted, and supported, and that opportunities to display and sell work are abundant and possible among various means. There are many artists who find it hard to meet the rising demands and interest of new and innovative art because they lack the space and the funds to support their own creative production of such needed and admired work.

Established Art Studios in Buffalo, NY

Their are many established art studios designed to help artists find suitable creative space to work. While I’ll be highlighting three, there are many more to speak of. The First, Art Yard Studio, is located on Main Street in Williamsville, New York. This space is said to provide a place where you the artist and your children can explore many aspects of art and the creative process. This is a wonderful way to nurture a community of artists by accommodating families to share their love for being creative together and learning how to produce something that the rest of the world can appreciate and admire.

The Second Studio I’d like to mention is Main (ST)udios located on Main Street in the 500 block of the downtown Buffalo area. They are said to have art studios and provide workshops as well as an event space. This kind of established space is a very useful place for artists who want to be in an environment in close proximity to other artists whom they could network and collaborate ideas with and produce events that will expose their works and talent as artists.

Finally the Buffalo Arts Studio (BAS) also located on Main Street in Buffalo in the Tri Main Center. BAS has within it, approximately 37 artists with their own spacious studio spaces, an art gallery, and an education center. It is a non-for-profit arts organization whose purpose is said to provide affordable studio space and regular public exposure for regional and international artists through exhibitions. They also strive to enrich the community by serving as a cultural center with art classes, mural programs, and public art.


Create your own studio with other artists
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Another creative idea for a struggling artist who wants to find an economical way to rent studio space is to pull together a group of artists who share the same views on what art is all about and work together to make your visions come alive.

There are various types of places and spaces around you including: apartments, houses, rooms, lofts, studio apartments, garages, store fronts and office space that are available for rent or sale. A group of artists can easily establish themselves a creative space to meet, create, display, educate, and sell. Doing this will cut down the costs of any space I’ve previously mentioned. For example, a one bedroom apartment over a business establishment running about $900 including utilities, can be divided by 6 artists which would amount to $150 per artist each month. Six artists can turn an apartment into a wonderful space that they can work in and invite the community to come into to share what they do.


What if the artists I choose to work with or share space with bail on me?

Your artwork is your business and with any business you should first meet to establish an understanding of the expectations and responsibilities of the venture you are all about to take on. If you are all still in agreement, then put a written agreement in place, outlining any and all rules ensuring that all artists are able to contribute. This way, everyone is aware and accountable for how the space is used as well as an understanding of the need for a dependable partnership. If you don’t feel that you have the ability to establish such a space on your own, there is another alternative through pre-existing art houses.

Many cities like the Buffalo, NY area have a highly organized version of this. The Artspace Lofts is a great example. Artspace Buffalo was the first project of its kind in New York state. Now the Buffalo Arts and Technology Center share this magnificent building with Artspace Buffalo. Though two separate facilities, they compliment each other well and are perfect examples of how harmonious collaboration can amount to great success. This is now a successful place for providing education and affordable living as well as a place where artists can live where they create and display.

You Can Work from Home:

While it seems most ideal, it’s also why many artists desire a private studio space outside of the home, as the distractions of home life can get in the way of creative flow. If you have a home that you can separate your creative space from the clutter of family life, busy hectic days, constant interruptions and such, well then you just might have it made.

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Is collaborating with other artists the best way?

It depends on who you ask. Some may say no, but it is certainly a very economic and practical way for an artist to achieve his or her goals. It may be the best way to build, grow, and expose your talents to the community around you. Whichever way you choose, remaining open about sharing ideas and eliminating unnecessary egos can lead to a very promising and maybe even fruitful venture or collaboration that will produce great success for you and those you accept into your creative space.

Overall, don’t feel you are in this career alone. Many artists want the very same thing that you want. Working together to get what we need and want could guarantee a better chance at achieving your goals and enriching your lives. By experiencing the business of art with other artists, we open ourselves up to greater opportunities – revolutionizing how we manage and create our artwork. No matter where you reside, think about finding places such as these. The possibilities are endless and will amaze and inspire you to find your creative space.


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