Handimals on the Prowl

Handimals on the Prowl

Remember the shadow puppet shows your mom put on for you before bed time? All the lights were off except for one. Your mom contorted her hand into a shape which resembled some sort of animal and used the light to make a shadow on the wall. This quick night-time performance got you to go to sleep much to the delight of your parents.

Guido Daniele puts on a performance all his own through his hand paintings. Through basic contortions of the hand and his incredible artistic ability, Daniele is able to transform a body part into a piece of art.Guido Daniele

Daniele lives and works in Milan, but his art has reached worldwide audiences. He has painted for organizations like AT&T, Gilli, and the World Wildlife Fund.

For AT&T’s International Roaming Campaign, Daniele painted hands to represent various locations around the globe. In order to advertise that AT&T’s cellular devices pick up service in over 200 countries, Daniele represented a handful (no pun intended) of these countries through his art.

To show that AT&T’s cell phone service works in Egypt, Daniele painted two traditionally garbed Egyptians. The two hands held the device between the thumb and index finger so that the Egyptian men appear to be carrying the devices on their shoulders to the Pharaoh. The blending of old culture with new technology is interesting and attention grabbing.

To represent Jamaica for AT&T’s campaign, Daniele depicted a colorful fish and coral. Daniele’s positioning of the coral painted fingers is graceful and precise.  For a closer look at the production of Daniele’s AT&T art click here.

Daniele’s paintings consist mainly of animals, also known as “Handimals”. He began making this type of art in 1990. His dozens of “Handimal” creations illustrate his love for animals  Daniele uses the wrinkles and pores of the human hand to his benefit in creating this elephant. The wrinkles of the pointer finger and the pores on the thumb add realistic looking texture to the trunk and body of the elephant.

The use of two crossed hands to create the tail of a whale is one of the innovative ways Daniele voices his love of animals through art.

Daniele extends his hand paintings to the arm in this creation. The snake is extremely realistic looking because of the illusion of it being one piece. But if you look closely you can see three painted hands – the head, the tail, and the part of the body which wraps around the back of the neck. Daniele’s use of three arms and hands is seamlessly hidden in the photograph.

Many of Daniele’s “Handimals” have been created for the World Wildlife Fund.

Other organizations have used Daniele for their campaigns. For this watch company, Daniele painted a snake, an alligator, an elephant, a bald eagle, an owl, a toucan, and a flamingo. Placing the watches on the arm, or what looks to be the animal’s neck, is visually intriguing.

Gilli, a handbag company has also used Guido Daniele’s hand art in its campaigns.

The work of Guido Daniele has become internationally recognized as an art form all its own. His intensely realistic creations certainly warrant a double take. Let’s just say, Daniele’s work is more convincing than any shadow puppet show.'

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