Hitting the Scene with MalikStone

Hitting the Scene with MalikStone

Often times, we receive referrals and nominations to feature artists on and this artist here is a great example of just that.  Through all of the many independent vocalists gracing YouTube, Reverbnation, and SoundCloud, there are always those whose songs stick in your head and find their way to your own personal play list.  As the premise behind StreetPoetz is to find those artists who put in the work to be more than just ordinary, we found that this artist is doing just that!



MalikStone was brought to our attention some time ago and one will soon see that he is very in-tuned with the art of hip hop, thriving in a competitive environment to put out great music for all races.

We are happy to have had the opportunity to speak with him and get a deeper look into his world.

How long would you say you have been writing and creating music?

“I’ve been creating music ever since I was a kid in the late 80’s”

What type of artist do you consider yourself to be?

“I’m an artist that’s open to all genres of music.  I never feel limited when it comes to writing music.”

What do you want others to realize most about you and your music?

“I want others to understand that my focus is to make people actually dance again, to enjoy rhythm and rhymes with skills.”

Your bio speaks about your time in Japan.  Did you get your first taste of performing here?

“Yes I did.  When I lived there, I was fortunate to meet other kids that loved rapping as much as I did and their focus and drive was just like mine.  In Japan, we were just more appreciated at that time because to them, hip hop was intriguing.  Even though we didn’t know any better and were making next to nothing, we had the energy and love for it – so it wasn’t about getting paid back then.  We were so caught up in the art of it that nothing else mattered and for me, that’s where it all began.”

Do you have any plans for a full album anytime in the near future?

“Yes, I do.  I write so much that right now, I have well beyond a full album but I really want to give the listeners something they’ve never heard before, so I’m taking my time so that I can deliver great work.”

What is a turning point or experience that has effected you the most in music?

“I would have to say when J Dilla died because when I look at him, he was one of those who I felt thought like I did as far as music is concerned.  He broadened hip hop as a whole and was able to incorporate any sound or genre he wanted to because he had a way of making all music into hip hop.  That broadened my own vision because he helped to define the culture.  So when he hit the scene, I felt he was someone who would do everything that was possible.  His passing was a loss for music but I also feel that he left a legacy so huge that it continues to be a blessing for everyone.”

Do you welcome opportunities to collaborate with other artists?

“Yes, I’m always ready and willing to collab with different artists.  I like to surround myself with talented people who are also on a similar mission so if we can help one another in the process, I’m always open to it.”

You have a cryptic style of writing.  There is that, “Ah Ha” moment in your songs when certain meanings are suddenly revealed.  What moves you to write this way?

“Back in the day, people wrote in a way that made you think.  To me, it wasn’t always meant to be simple and straight forward.  You can go back to Artists like Rakim, and listen to his first album and hear something that you never heard before.  I want to be more than just writing lyrics.  For instance, if you look at a painting, you can’t always interpret what the picture is saying, sometimes you have to figure it out.  People who write poetry put work into it, and hip hop should be the same way.”

Your recently released single, “Money Liquor & Sex” lends a provocative title but is so much more than that.  Can you tell us about it and the story behind this song?

“Money, Liquor, & Sex is pretty much just what it is.  It’s three different addictions pulling at you all at once all while you’re grinding your hardest to accomplish your goals.”

This song helped to push you to #1 on Reverbnation.  How do you feel about this?

“I feel great about it.  It just goes to show me what I can do as an artist if I do just about everything right – first and foremost believing in myself and my music.”

Is this single available to the public for download?  If so, where can they get a copy?

“It’s available on iTunes, Amazon, Google Play and will be also available on my website”

Photo Credit: C.N. Carson

What influences in your life have effected your musical career the most?

“Life, my observations in the world, and especially my own personal experiences have effected me the most.  I’m more open to ALL music now.  I’ve grown from being a ‘hip hop head’ – not appreciating anything else, to accepting and enjoying all music and I really feel that accepting more than what you are most comfortable with develops you as an artist.”

Can you tell us what projects you are currently working on?

“Right now, I’m working on some collaborations and my own material so stay tuned for some great music coming your way.”

We’ve seen photos of some of your followers rocking MalikStone T-shirts.  Are these available for purchase?

“Yes, I’ve been blessed to have many people purchase a MalikStone T-shirt in the past and now they are going to be available on my website for those interested going forward.”

Speaking of your website, which we understand will be releasing soon, what can viewers and listeners expect to see and experience on your site now and going forward?

“Yes, my website will be releasing on Sunday May 10th and as I mentioned, MalikStone T-shirts and other apparel will be available for purchase as well as my music downloads.  As I progress, there will also be information on performances, tickets, and more.  I’m also going to have a blog which chronicles “The life of MalikStone.”

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