StreetPoetz to showcase local artists

StreetPoetz to showcase local artists

August 7, 2013launchWBFO458Views



A brand new Website — to showcase local artists — will be launched at a special event this Saturday.  StreetPoetz will be held this  right here at our WNED studio’s.  WBFO’S Eileen Buckley says is the first of its kind for Buffalo.

“It’s amazing how many people are hidden in Buffalo and who just feel like they don’t have the opportunity to really put themselves out there,” said Carson.

Carmel Carson is founder and creator of StreetPoetz.  The event will bring together amateur and professional artists from all areas of the arts world – from vocalists to poets — visual artists — photographers to musicians  an writers. StreetPoetz-dot-com will serve as an on-going  “clearinghouse” for local artists who don’t have the ability to get their work recognized — but will work to fill a gap between those not so-well known artists with more famous names.

“StreetPoetz wanted to take it a bit farther by being able to represent and also push different artists who normally don’t get that exposure,” said Carson.

Carson says that could be an aspiring signer, poet or dancer.  Saturday evening’s event will feature more than 30-visual and performing artists.  Talent searches were held to select the artists.

“Our youngest is 18, and they go on up into their senior years so no one is too young or too old to be involved, so I would say you are going to be really amazed even just down to individuals and what they are capable of and how each one is different from the next person,” said Carson.

The Website will continue to serve as a “hub” for artists and events.

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