Carmel “Cece” Carson

Carmel “Cece” Carson

June 4, 20151291Views

Carmel “Cece” Carson is the creator and driving force behind™, a blossoming society of artists focused on supporting and highlighting artists from every genre.  Driven by the lack of support for artists, Carmel works to provide an open environment for artists to showcase their work through live and online events.

Carmel’s interest in the arts began at an early age.  She surrounded herself with all things creative diving in where she could.  She quickly evolved from drawings that only a mother could love to creations worth a few glances.  Sketches in an old spiral notebook just weren’t enough for her.  In addition to piano lessons, during high school and college, she took as many elective art courses as possible with mediums including charcoal, pencil, oils and watercolors.  While stage fright prevented her from stepping into the spotlight, she thrived in the background.

CNCarsonHer love for underground art forms began in the mid 90’s, when she noticed people receiving less recognition in the mainstream, yet they poured their hearts into their talents and abilities.  This drove her to look at art as a whole, understanding that many artists are recognized, appreciated and respected in death.  It was then that she decided to work towards providing a way for artists of all types to be a part a living organic community devoted to providing a supportive environment for growth and success in life.

“I’ve loved all of the arts, all of my life especially the ones I didn’t have the courage to take a part in.  While I don’t call myself an artist, I believe that art whether visual or performing lives in all of us.  To me, it’s all poetry, but it ultimately becomes a battle of the left and right brain to determine if it will become part of our being.”

The mother of one is the lead Web Designer for all of StreetPoetz’s web clients with a background in project management, finance, community initiatives, sustainability and advertising.  She received her Associates Degree in Business from Medaille College and her Bachelors Degree in Business Management & Economics with a concentration in Marketing from SUNY Empire State College.  While she did not formally pursue the arts, she is pursuing her dream of catapulting into the spotlight, all those who have..