Jonathan Lopresti

Jonathan Lopresti

January 16, 2016707Views

Jonathan LoPresti was born and raised in Buffalo, New York.  From a young age, he was interested in the arts and anything that allowed him to use his creative side.  His love for all things music started in fourth grade when he picked up a trumpet for the first time.  As Jonathan’s love for music grew stronger, he took up the keyboard, singing in his school’s choir, and playing in his school and church teen bands.  With age, practice and attention to detail, he became a member of his high school’s Wind Ensemble, the Jazz Band and the Erie County Chorus.  Music was an outlet that allowed him to express himself artistically.

In addition to his love of music, writing became something that intrigued him as well.  He was fascinated with the creative aspect of it.  Jonathan received his bachelor’s degree in English from Buffalo State College, with an emphasis on communication skills.  His love for writing flourished throughout university.  He especially excelled in his literature and writing classes.

A course that struck a chord with Jonathan was Creative Writing.  Not only was he able to express his ideas freely, but he also gained valuable interpersonal skills.  He learned the vital role that communication plays in everyday life.  This class developed his listening, as well as his verbal and nonverbal skills.  Creative Writing was a course that resonated with Jonathan because it gave him the chance to be himself.  He was able to research and write about topics that meant something to him.  Through his writing, Jonathan would love to make a positive impact on society.  Although, he believes if his writing can affect just one person, he will have made his mark.

Besides encouraging others through his writing, Jonathan wants to continue to express his love for the arts.  Music was something that truly captivated him from an early age and he intends on exploring this passion even further.  Jonathan is excited to join and looks forward to expressing his creative interests.