Virtual Vendor

Virtual Vendor

What on earth is a Virtual Vendor??

Virtual vendors were designed for the individual / company who wants to network at an event but understands the difficulty of getting your name in front of everyone.  We will be handing out up to 150 vendor bags at Battle of the Brushes – a great opportunity for you to get into up to 150 households!  There is a 50 bag minimum and for $5.00, you just have to decide how many households you would like to be in!

Where else can you advertise for just $5???

Deadline:  All items must be received by June 3, 2017.

Next Steps:

Step 1:  Complete the form below

Step 2:  Pay the $5 Vendor fee

Step 3:  We will contact you to confirm and arrange pick-up if necessary


Items can be mailed directly to us at:   PO Box 18 | Williamsville, NY 14231


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