Wasting Money in the Recording $tudio

Wasting Money in the Recording $tudio

Advice of a Vocalist

During my years of writing and recording, I came to realize one critical thing – that I was wasting a lot time and of money during my studio sessions because I did not take the time to prepare properly!

For the most part, I would:

  • Write my songs
  • Rehearse them for a few days
  • Set up studio time
  • Then go to the studio and record – still not fully knowing the song I was about to record.

Starting off with the first verse would take about twenty minutes, not because I didn’t know the verse, but because I didn’t take into account that, I didn’t like how I said certain words, or the tone wasn’t just how I wanted it.  Ultimately, this ate up a LOT of time… but that’s just the first verse!  This would continue with the second verse, the third, and the chorus and as I see time fly by I begin to rush so that I finish the song before my time expires.

Once I’m done laying down the vocals, the engineer would put a five-minute mix on it, put the song on a CD and I was done.  WRONG.  Rushing to the car, I’d slide in the CD and hope to God that it sounded dope but the majority of the time, it didn’t.

Now, I have to set up more studio time to make corrections to my vocals and mix – basically spending money I should be spending, over and over again until the project was as good as I could get it.

After breaking myself time and time again, I came to the conclusion that I needed to buy my own equipment, buy great software and start recording on a pre-production level.  After doing so, I was able to learn my songs by recording the lyrics over and over again in the comfort of my own home without the feeling of being rushed or the awkwardness of having strangers in the studio waiting for their scheduled studio time.

So in my “home studio” I now make sure I am fully comfortable with my rough draft demo and then set up my studio time in a more high powered, professional studio where I have confidence my song will be recorded properly on a great microphone and mixed by a more professional and experienced engineer.

Now, I save a great deal of money recording during my studio time!  So Artists, don’t just invest in studio time, invest in yourself by spending TIME with your songs before you waste that time in the studio.

C.N. Carson

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